Luna Park / Theme parks

The typical amusement park, open throughout the tourist season

Neighboring on Aquafolie, Luna Park is what your children need in order to complete, with a smile on their faces, a fun day in Caorle. Of course, you don’t have to exhaust all attractions in one day, so you can leave this one for another occasion.

This is the typical amusement park with rollercoasters, panoramic wheels and whatnot. Cotton candy, ice cream, doughnut, pop-corn and snack stalls dot the place, because, we all now, you can’t have fun on an empty stomach.

Temptations at every step, though the facilities might seem a bit outdated to an overcritical adult. Children, however, are guaranteed to enjoy every minute of the time spent in Luna Park.

Keep in mind this amusement park only opens during the tourist season (May to September).

Please check the data below to learn about opening hours, prices and further useful information:

Luna Park
Viale Aldo Moro, 1, Caorle, 30021, Venice, Italy

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