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Outdoor art that turns the cliffs into living masterpieces

Being a town of the sea, Caorle is known for its seafaring traditions, as well as for its fish-based cuisine. It has always lived of the sea, and it still does: this beach resort owes its existence on the tourist map of Italy to its vicinity to the Adriatic Sea.

Scogliera Viva is intimately related to the coastal character of Caorle. In the vicinity of the picturesque Church of the Blesses Virgin, each summer, in June, the town is home to an artistic event which appeals to both the connoisseur and the lay. Artists from all over the world come to Caorle and carve the cliffs, shaping them as whimsically or, on the contrary, as realistically as they can. The promenade turns into an outdoor exhibition that showcases gigantic sculptures that, apparently, emerge from the sea to find their rest on land.

Scogliera Viva is one of the most spectacular events: don’t miss out the opportunity if you happen to be in Caorle in June.

Scogliera Viva / Living Rocks
Piazzetta Marchesan, 30021, Caorle, Venice, 30021, Italy

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Lignano Sabbiadoro

Lignano Sabbiadoro


Scogliera Viva

Scogliera Viva – attend Caorle’s most striking and creative event in order to see how the cliffs come alive in the hands of skilled artists.