How to get to Caorle

Top Adriatic resort accessible by plane, by train, by bus or by car

Being one of the top rated resorts on the north Adriatic coastline, Caorle is easily accessible. Do you enjoy the advantages of a quick flight? You can land at one of the four nearby airports and then travel by bus to your holiday destination.

Getting to Caorle by bus or by train is also at hand, but you can also opt for a trip by car, if your all-time favorite means of transportation is your personal vehicle.

By plane

If you prefer to fly, you can land at any of the four airports in the vicinity. Treviso and Venice airports are closer, but if for whatever reason you can’t or won’t land there, you can take into account Verona or Trieste.

Regardless of distance, each of the airports is linked to Caorle by bus or train. You’ll have to check their availability and schedules so you can enjoy a straightforward trip to the Adriatic coast resort.

Keep in mind Caorle is serviced by no train station, so a train trip will eventually end with a bus link (usually, from Portogruaro to Caorle). Obviously, bus transfers come in handy, easing your access to Caorle.

By train

There’s no train station in Caorle. The closest is found in Portogruaro, a station located on the Venice-Trieste railway. From there, you can take one of the hourly buses operated by ATVO.

Alternately, you can get off in San Dona di Piave, from where a bus takes you straight to Caorle.

Please visit Trenitalia in order to check the updated list of trains, schedules, ticket prices and connections to Caorle, depending on your point of departure. It can also help you plan your airport transfer, if the idea of a short train trip from Venice, Treviso or any of the other two airports you can take into account still appeals to you.

By bus

The bus line network in the province of Venice is managed by ATVO. Its coverage extends all the way to Milan and Brescia. ATVO buses come in handy if you land at Treviso or Venice, counting as the most straightforward means of transfer to Caorle. Also, they are the safest bet you can make if you want to explore the entire Adriatic coast, from Bibione to Venice.

The bus station in Caorle (the so-called autostazione) is within a short walk of the center of the town. This is where the Caprulan office of ATVO is also located.

Please check the data below to learn in depth about bus schedules, routes, airport transfers, ticket prices and sale points:

Autostazione, Corso Chiggiato, Caorle, 30021, Venice, Italy
[email protected]

By car

Autostrada Torino-Trieste (A4) is the closest motorway passing by Caorle, your route if you come from Trieste or Monfalcone (on the east side) or from Venice or Treviso (on the west side). There are, however, a series of alternatives, such as the Strada Statale della Venezi-Giulia (SS14), which overlaps, in part, the motorway. Depending on your point of departure, you can then exit on any of the provincial roads that lead to Caorle (SP 59 from San Stino di Livenza, SP 54 from San Dona di Piave, or any combination of the further available routes).

Get a better look at the road network of Italy and plan your trip in detail by visiting Auostrade per l’Italia. Further useful information is available on this portal.

The map of Caorle and of its surroundings is a useful tool you can employ in order to learn about the available routes.