Caorle Lagoon and its casoni / Nature and traditions

Otherworldly haven for wildlife and traditions

Caorle doesn’t rank well in visitors’ preferences just on the account of its sandy beaches. The mainstream tourist entertainment is complemented by unique opportunities that can turn a stay on the Adriatic coastline into a memorable experience.

The Caorle Lagoon is a haven of for wildlife and traditions. Untamed and unspoiled, Laguna di Caorle seems to be a different world altogether, despite its proximity to the resort. It is the perfect example of sustainable tourism: it continues to thrive on its very singularity, without compromising in front of the tourist boom (otherwise, it would lose its appeal).

Laguna di Caorle

Laguna di Caorle features a unique ecosystem, consisting of specific land formations, meandering streams and canals, vegetation and animal species. It is with respect that you must approach this sanctuary, one of the spots with greatest environmental value for the Adriatic coastline.

The set is utterly breathtaking, and it’s no wonder Hemingway himself fell in love with it, finding here inspiration to create some of his work. You can take the opportunity and enjoy some of the itineraries made available by the Parco Lagunare, the organization in charge with the management of the lagoon.

The casoni

Traditions are an important part of life in Laguna di Caorle. Nothing glitzy here; on the contrary: the lagoon is dotted with the iconic casoni, the traditional fishermen houses that have provided shelter for the population since time immemorial.

The lagoon was, in fact, the first place to ever be inhabited in Caorle, before its development to the west. People would retreat here in order to take shelter from invasions, and also because the lagoon allowed them to build a community and find food to put on the table.

These simple wood-and-reed huts dot the set, here and there, isolated such as not to disturb the ways of nature. Thus, they blend in perfectly with the landscape, evoking the past days of the rural civilization than used to inhabit the place.

The casoni, with their striking and yet unpretentious architecture, are still functional nowadays. Tourists come here not only to admire them and take pictures, but also to interact with the traditions. Thus, you can, on occasion, find accommodation here and sample some of the fish-based specialties of the lagoon. There seems to be a consensus of opinion: fish dishes here are unmatchable, no chef being able to replicate the flavor of a plate made in the lagoon.

But in order to actually appreciate the gastronomic experience of Laguna di Caorle, you must keep an open mind: if you rather prefer mainstream restaurant food, you have to think twice before taking a bite of the real traditional Caorle food.

Itineraries in Laguna di Caorle

Boat trips or bicycle tours to the lagoon rank well in tourist preferences. There are several associations that enable tourists to discover Laguna di Caorle to the full, while also drawing attention to the necessity of not disturbing the place due to its environmental value.

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