Weather and climate in Caorle

Mild Mediterranean climate, perfect for beach tourism

Its geographical location and climate features made it possible for Caorle to emerge as one of the top Italian destinations on the Adriatic coastline. Its mild Mediterranean climate keeps extreme temperatures at bay throughout the year, though humidity and rainfall are considerable. November, which proves to be the rainiest month of the year, is off season anyway, so there’s no need to worry about weather affecting your beach fun if you vacation on the Adriatic coastline.

On occasion, air temperature rises above 30°C, but only in July and August. The sea breeze, however, makes the heat bearable even during the hottest months. In winter, average temperatures drop to around 4°C, so Caorle can make a holiday destination even during the cold season, if you look for a less mainstream getaway.

Check the links below to see the weather forecast and sea temperature for Caorle. See if the weather is on your side and if it favors your vacation plans.

Sea temperature and weather forecast for Caorle provided by Sea Temperature.

10-day weather forecast for Caorle provided by Wunderground.

10-day weather forecast for Caorle provided by Weather.