How to get around in Caorle

Small seaside resort easy to explore on foot

Most of the tourist activity of Caorle centers around its beach. But even if you add the historical center, you get a surface small enough to cover on foot. However, if you prefer a quicker pace, you can always call a cab or rent a car. The entire commune or province will lie at your feet, to explore whenever and however you want.

On foot

Give it a try: the beach is a seemingly endless sand reverie stretching east to west. It’s a perfect idea to get to know Caorle in a single day, and to check one of its most prized attractions, the Church of the Blesses Virgin of the Angel, located right between Spiaggia di Levante and Spiaggia di Ponente.

Walking might also get you off the beaten path: you’ll get the chance to discover picturesque corners that would remain hidden if you went for the mainstream means of transport. Plus, you get to stay fit while you enjoy the pleasure of sightseeing.

By car

If you rent a car, you can explore Caorle in no time. The road network is fairly simple, so it’s highly unlikely for you to get lost while driving. No need to worry about parking either. There are several parking lots in Caorle, strategically located so you don’t have to search too much.

There is one in the historical center, one on Via Traghete, and yet another one on Viale dei Tropici (multi-level car park). The three of them are managed by Caorle Patrimonio. The organization also manages the car parks in Centro Culturale "A. Bafile" (located in Piazza Matteotti).

The Communal Administration is in charge with the car park in Via Roma.

For a town so small, Caorle obviously makes plenty of room to car parks. But that only comes as a must, given its tourist opening and popularity.

Please visit Citta di Caorle in order to learn about schedules, prices and subscriptions, as well as about variations depending on the tourist season and holidays.

By taxi

Faster than exploring the town and the region on foot or by public transport, and less complicated than renting a car, getting around in Caorle by taxi is always at hand. At each airport there are taxi companies specialized in airport transfers for individuals, small or large groups. Please visit their websites in order to learn useful info about fares and travel rules.

By bike

A quicker pace while you keep fit? Explore Caorle by bike. The resort is fitted with plenty of cycle paths you can search out on your own or by turning to operators that organize group tours in Caorle and its surroundings. Please visit CaorleBike to view the infrastructure and take your pick.

Keep in mind most of the hotels and camping villages offer free bike rental services, so you won't have to look any further than the comforts of your own chosen accommodation solution.