Cathedral of Saint Stephen / Places of worship

Excellently preserved, iconic Romanesque campanile

Built in the early 11th century, the Romanesque-Byzantine Cathedral of Saint Stephen enlivens the skyline of the town with its memorable campanile. The exterior is quite plain, featuring a simple façade and two eye-catching bas-reliefs representing saints (Saint Antagonicus and Saint William) flanking the central entrance.

While not overwhelmingly elaborate, the one-nave and two-aisle interior is dotted with pillars and columns that separate the lateral sides. However, the cathedral is home to exquisitely well preserved works of art dating back to the Middle Ages. The Last Supper, work of Gregorio Lazzarini, iconic exponent of the Venetian school or art, immediately draws the attention.

You might be interested to linger on the six-panel golden altarpiece (Pala d’Oro) on top of the see, gifted to the church by Catherine Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus, in the late 15th century. The entire edifice is overlooked by a massive crucifix, it too dating back to the 15th century.

Symbol of the historical Caorle, the campanile, built in 1048 (a decade after the church) is unique due to its hefty structure and to its conical cusp. The base loggia occasions passers-by enchanting vistas and a delightful moment of rest after strolling around.

Keep in mind the community of believers is quite active, readily willing to introduce all newcomers to the history of the place, highlighting its significance to the development and history of the town. Guided tours are available during the tourist season, so, if you happen to be in Caorle on summer, taking the opportunity is a pleasant way of learning something new about your vacation destination.

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Cathedral of Saint Stephen / Dome of Caorle / Duomo di Caorle
Parrocchia Santo Stefano Protomartire, Piazza Vescovado, 6, Caorle, Venice, 30021, Italy

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