Lignano Sabbiadoro / Nearby attractions

Lignano is Caorle perfect alternative for a holiday at sea.

Lignano Sabbiadoro highlights

Located about halfway between Venice and Trieste, it makes for a perfect base camp if you plan to have an active stay on the Adriatic coastline, searching out all beach tourism jewels on the coast.
Many hotels in Lignano Sabbiadoro , available to all categories of tourists , is a good reason to choose this place as a place to vacation on the Adriatic.
The beach: long 8-kilometer stretch of golden sand (they call it Sabbiadoro, which means “golden sand”). Very oft is awarded the Blue Flag, so you will be sure to receive high quality of your experience.

Attractions in Caorle


Ultimate fun for children in Caorle: Aquafolie is a vacation reward the little ones will definitely appreciate. Open May to September.



Regatta and processions of locals under the guise of people of the distant past: this is Vivistoria, a central celebration of Caorle.


Golf and mini-golf

Stylish, a sports of the elites: you can play golf in Caorle or learn how to do that if you are willing to break your beach fun.