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Home to a precious reliquary and to masterpieces of sacred art

Caorle is not the typical religious or cultural tourist destination. But even if you plan to idle your vacation away on the beach, keep in mind there’s more to Caorle than meets the eye at first.

The Cathedral (Duomo di Caorle) is home to a liturgical museum that showcases a reliquary and a wide collection of sacred vestments and vessels, complemented by a range of scattered exhibits. Two of the most precious items sheltered by the reliquary are the head of Santo Stefano Protomartire (the saint patron of Caorle) and a casket allegedly containing the soil soaked with Jesus’s blood while on the way to crucifixion.

There is quite a lot to see here, in the small museum opened in 1975, even old masterpieces attributed to masters of the Venetian school of painting, dating back to the 12th and the 13th centuries. The Museum of the Dome of Caorle is worth making a call at, a must-see if you decide to visit the cathedral; which you should, for that matter, since Duomo Santo Stefano is the heart of the historical town, an impeccable and well preserved example of the old Romanesque style.

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Museum of the Dome of Caorle / Museo del Duomo di Caorle
Parrocchia Santo Stefano Protomartire, Piazza Vescovado, 6, Caorle, Venice, 30021, Italy

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Museum of the Dome of Caorle

Located in the historical center of the town, the Museum of the Dome of Caorle is home to a precious reliquary sheltering the head of Santo Stefano



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