Festa del Pesce / Events

An invitation to the simple pleasures of life

Fishery used to be central to the economy of Caorle, until it was surpassed by tourism. Now, it remains capital to its traditions, gastronomic traditions included. Festa del Pesce, held every year in early September, reminds locals and tourists alike of Caorle’s origins, historically and culinary speaking.

Sampling events and dish exhibitions and sales are organized throughout the town. Concerts and other artistic representations organized in various locations complement the occasion.

Festa del Pesce / Fish Festival
Caorle, Venice, Italy
early September

Attractions in Caorle

East Beach and West Beach

The East Beach and the West Beach, called Spiaggia di Levante and Spiaggia di Ponente in Italian, are the tourist highlights of Caorle.


Festa della Madonna dell'Angelo (yearly)

Attend the so-called Festa della Madonna dell'Angelo of Caorle to see locals’ ways of expressing their dedication and gratitude to the Virgin.


Festa della Madonna dell'Angelo

Locals of Caorle maintain an active Marian cult. Festa della Madonna dell'Angelo, held every five years, is one of the most important religious events