Vivistoria / Events

History in a nutshell and fun all around

Interested in getting to know a bit of Caorle’s history and of its traditions? As tourist, you can become familiar with your destination’s past if you attend the magnificent Vivistoria. Locals evoke, by means of a regatta and of a procession of people under the guise of their ancestors, several major episodes that have marked the town’s history.

The historical costumes and the reenactment as such will convince you how close-knit are the locals and how dedicated they are to keeping their identity. This is an event that proves, once again, Caorle is first of all a place dripping with tradition and only then a tourist-oriented destination.

Caorle, Venice, Italy

Attractions in Caorle


Ultimate fun for children in Caorle: Aquafolie is a vacation reward the little ones will definitely appreciate. Open May to September.


Festa del Pesce

Eat, drink, listen to music and embrace life: this is Festa del Pesce held in Caorle every mid-September. A must try for dainty feeders.


Festa della Madonna dell'Angelo

Locals of Caorle maintain an active Marian cult. Festa della Madonna dell'Angelo, held every five years, is one of the most important religious events