East Beach and West Beach / Beaches

Rest and fun for sun worshipers of all ages and budgets, Blue Flag standards

The shore of Caorle is laced with some 5 kilometers of stretches of sand. The beach is separated in two distinct areas, Spiaggia di Levante (East Beach) and Spiaggia di Ponente (West Beach), each one divided into parcels, each parcel allotted a number.

The entire beach is very well taken care of, both private parcels and free stretches. The entity in charge with managing Spiaggia di Levante and Spiaggia di Ponente, namely, Il Consorzio Arenili Caorle, makes sure the beach is clean, accessible to people with disabilities, and well fitted in order to provide entertainment opportunities for tourists of all ages (fun and games for children, beach sports for adults). Rescue and first-aid services are also available so you can keep having fun while safe. Sunshades and loungers are also available for the right price.

Two particular beaches stand out and might interest you. Both are located on Spiaggia di Levante.

First, there is the so-called White Oasis, the luxury beach of Caorle, where tourists in the mood for splurging are benefitted with extra services and facilities, on top of the ones available anywhere else. Splendid gazebos by the sea, fitted with loungers and tables are available for a price to groups of at least four.

Secondly, there is the so-called Bau Beach, the place to be for sun worshipers traveling with their pets. Access to this beach (the easternmost stretch on Spiaggia di Levante) is strictly regulated, so you have to comply with the conditions enforced by the Consorzio in order to be granted access to it.

Keep in mind Spiaggia di Caorle is one of the few top beaches in Italy. This quality is confirmed by its having been constantly awarded the Blue Flag. This is a recognition only the best of the best stretches of sand gain, provided that they comply with regulations related to environment protection, safety, quality of entertainment, etc.

Please check the data below to learn about opening hours, prices, season tickets, weather forecast, ways to get to the beach and further useful information:

Consorzio Per Lo Sviluppo E La Gestione Degli Arenili Della Marina Di Caorle
Viale dell'Artigiano, 9, Caorle, Venice, 30021, Italy

Attractions in Caorle

Cathedral of Saint Stephen

The Cathedral of Saint Stephen of Caorle overtops the historical center of the town. Its high sturdy campanile is unique in the world.


Festa del Pesce

Eat, drink, listen to music and embrace life: this is Festa del Pesce held in Caorle every mid-September. A must try for dainty feeders.


East Beach and West Beach

The East Beach and the West Beach, called Spiaggia di Levante and Spiaggia di Ponente in Italian, are the tourist highlights of Caorle.